3rd Auto-ISAC Cybersecurity Summit
Oct. 23-24 2019

Community Calls

The Auto-ISAC holds monthly virtual community meetings for members and connected vehicle ecosystem stakeholders to stay informed of Auto-ISAC activities and share information on key vehicle cybersecurity topics.

Contact us to participate in our monthly community calls. The community calls are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 11am EST


Past Community Calls

December 2018 Community Call

An overview of the Tampa CV-Pilot, covering: study site layout; participant size/base; infrastructure and back office systems, 13 applications comprising V2V, V2I and V2X.

November 2018 Community Call

As we all know, massive efforts are underway to ensure that tomorrow’s vehicle is cyber-secure and that the information it contains and generates is also secured and protected.  But to…

October 2018 Community Call

ATA Fleet CyWatch Member Benefit  Fleet CyWatch coordinates with private and federal efforts to provide industry stakeholders with information and recommendations in the areas of cybersecurity awareness, prevention, and mitigation…

September 2018 Community Call

Every 30 years there is a new wave of things that computers do. Around 1950 they began to model events in the world (simulation), and around 1980 to connect people…

August 2018 Community Call

Dr Donzella guides the MSc program on Smart Connected and Autonomous Vehicles at WMG, University of Warwick ( She is deeply involved in academic knowledge transfer, and she leads several master…

July 2018 Community Call

Uptane is the first compromise-resilient software update security system for the automotive industry.  Unlike other software update security systems (e.g., OMA-DM, SSL / TLS, signing updates with a single offline…

June 2018 Community Call

National Cyber Exercise:  Cyber Storm VI (CS VI) Exercise Recap Featured Speakers: John Foti, Cyber Storm Program Manager Katie Phillips, Cyber Strom Transportation Lead Joshua Poster, Program Operations Manager, Automotive ISAC

May 2018 Community Call

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), part of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), develops practical cybersecurity guidance in partnership with industry, academia, and government.  By bringing…

April 2018 Community Call

Urban Jonson will provide an update on the NMFTA Heavy Vehicle Cybersecurity program’s on-going research projects and activities including an upcoming white paper on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, firewall…

March 2018 Community Call

This presentation describes the vision and purpose of the SAE CyberAuto Challenge; and invites listeners to consider participating or visiting the event. The CyberAuto Challenge was founded at Battelle in…